Our History

Deaver manufacturing founded in 1892 by Frank Deaver. In the early days as a blacksmith, Deaver served the surrounding farming community by making and repairing their tools, fabrication jobs as well as servicing horse and buggy carriage springs. In addition, Deaver had the local contract for replacing the rubber cord on wagon wheels. Over the next 126 years of business, the surroundings changed and so did the demands of many services. As new age machinery left fewer needs for small-time manufacturing one thing grew, the demand for servicing, altering or replacing leaf springs on vehicles. By the mid to late 1980’s leaf springs accounted for 80% of Deaver’s business and a decade later as we approached the 2000’s it was all about focusing 100% on the leaf spring market. Working with the automotive industry helping to develop and design leaf springs that improve ride quality, carry more weight, and perform better on road and off or on the race track. Today Deaver has over 95 distributors worldwide offering our products both under the Deaver name as well as private label.